New Houses


Bringing a fresh, holistic approach to the architecture of living, our designs respond to your lifestyle and the environment of your site.  Considering the various facets of the culture and history of a locale, along with its people, plants, wildlife, landform, and micro-climate allows us to produce an individual design appropriate to people and place.

We work with the specific qualities of your site - be it coastal, urban or rural - to answer the needs of your household and enhance your lifestyle.  Our design process is focused on you - the today you, and the future you.



So you've found a gem, but it needs a little polish? Every house has something special about it, and we love working with you to bring that out.  At the same time, we make the new and the old work for you.  It's exhausting living in spaces that, however pretty, always seem to get in the way of living your life.

Lets make a difference together.

Homestar Assessments


Jessamine Fraser is a qualified Homestar Assessor with the NZ Green Building Council.  Homestar is an independent rating for eco-homes, incorporating energy efficiency and sustainable living principles.  We offer this service either as a standalone assessment, or as part of a whole house design.



Foyers & reception areas; cafes & restaurants; retail fitouts.

What people see when they first walk into your premises tells them what to expect from your business.  We work with you to design spaces that respond to your brand, and your in-house ethos.

Customers & clients want to feel welcome, and special.  They want to feel that your place is their place too.



Whether revitalising an existing community or establishing a new one, we work with the context of place, both natural and cultural, to create environments residents can make their own.

Service Options


We offer three service options: Foundation, Eco-Spring, and Eco-Prime, structured to suit your budget and goals.  Please contact us to find out more and discuss which option would suit your project.




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